How Lady A's Hillary Scott Works Her Curves

Oct 24, 2014
I will forever picture Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott in her favorite dress and sky-high leather boots, throwing back a double shot of Crown.

Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley Wins

Oct 23, 2014
This was not an adversarial kind of Q&A. But when you put Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard in the same room and ask them both the same questions, one of them is bound to come out looking better.

Tips for Chris Young's Visit to Australia

Oct 23, 2014
From one tourist to another, I've got a few suggestions for one of Chris Young's big and exciting tour stops in the land Down Under.

Party Down South 2's Cast Revealed

Oct 23, 2014
CMT is introducing a new crew of guys and gals from the South who are ready to get their party on when Party Down South 2 premieres Nov. 20 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Angaleena Presley Is a Coal Miner's Daughter, Too

Oct 23, 2014
Angaleena Presley is the kind of person who will fix a dragging car muffler by tying it in place with a guitar string, then work the episode into a song.


Retracing the Steps of Doctor Who Tested Positive for Ebola

Oct 24, 2014
Dr. Craig Spencer was placed in isolation, with three others under quarantine.

ISIS Hit Hard, but Iraq Offensive Could Be Year Away

Oct 24, 2014
U.S. military officials believe the combination of American airstrikes and Iraqi and Kurdish military operations are beginning to undermine ISIS???s confidence on the battlefield. But it could be as long as a year before Iraq???s military is capable of launching a major offensive operation to retake Mosul and maybe just as long before a force of U.S. trained Syrian rebels can begin their own offensive operations against ISIS.

Red Hot Lava Flow Edging Toward Hawaiian Town

Oct 24, 2014
A lava flow threatening homes and a town on the Big Island of Hawaii has gained speed in recent days, advancing more than five football fields in just the last 48 hours, officials said Thursday.

Nurse Who Contracted Ebola Is Virus-Free

Oct 24, 2014
Nurse Nina Pham has been declared Ebola-free.

Official: 3 Dead, 1 Hurt in Maryland Air Crash

Oct 23, 2014
3 dead, 1 hurt in collision in the air between plane, helicopter near Maryland airport

Marine Murder Case Reveals US-Philippine Sore Spot

Oct 24, 2014
2 rings of security _ 1 US, 1 Filipino _ around arrested Marine reflect sore spot in relations