Little Big Town Toast a Slew of Career Milestones

Oct 22, 2014
Little Big Town have lots of reasons to raise a glass this week.

Brantley Gilbert Found Old Love Back Home

Oct 22, 2014
Last year, right around this time, I talked to Brantley Gilbert about his old loves.

CMT Crossroads: Bob Seger and Jason Aldean Confirmed

Oct 22, 2014
Get ready to "take those old records off the shelf" when American music icon Bob Seger collaborates with country superstar Jason Aldean for an all-new installment of CMT Crossroads.

Miranda Lambert's Not 100 Percent Badass

Oct 22, 2014
Yes, BuzzFeed, I agree. Miranda Lambert is indeed a "seriously badass role model," as you've dubbed her.

Tim McGraw Wore Out 1968 Elvis Album

Oct 22, 2014
By the time Tim McGraw was old enough to learn how to work a record player, say somewhere in the late 1970s, his very favorite Elvis Presley song was on a 10-year-old album.


Canada PM Calls Parliament Shooting a 'Terrorist' Act

Oct 22, 2014
A gunman fatally shot a Canadian soldier in an attack near the Parliament that led to building lockdowns and the evacuation of the country's Prime Minister.

Meet the Hero Who Killed Gunman in Canada Shooting

Oct 22, 2014
Canadian officials are hailing Sgt. at Arms Kevin Vickers a hero for allegedly shooting the gunman who ambushed Parliament.

Woman Discovers Trove of Letters From Husband After His Death

Oct 22, 2014
Even after his death, Mitchell Whisenhunt has found a way to surprise and bring comfort to his wife and young daughter, with a trove of letters he designated to be opened on certain dates.

Cameraman Ebola-Free, Says He Owes Hospital 'Debt He Can Never Repay'

Oct 22, 2014
Ashoka Mukpo was discharged from Nebraska's isolation unit.

Ebola Czar Ron Klain Starts His Job - Quietly

Oct 22, 2014
Newly-installed Ebola Czar Ron Klain appeared for the first time today with his new boss President Obama in the Oval Office ??? and said not a word. In fact, the president didn???t even introduce Klain or acknowledge him during a brief press avail after their...

Feds: Our Bad, Millions More Airbags Could Be Dangerous

Oct 22, 2014
Federal official say a previous count of the number of vehicles that could be loaded with defective airbags came up short by more than three million, and the government website drivers could use to see if their individual car is on the list is currently down due to ???intermittent network issues.???