William Michael Morgan Drops The Needle on Vinyl

Sep 30, 2016
It sure feels good to be around people like William Michael Morgan — the kind of rowdy folks he sings about in Vinyl’s opening barn burner “People Like Me.” They’re the kind of party people who love God and country, live hard, love fast and who tell it like it is because they lack a... Read more »

Lauren Alaina Set for Film Debut in Road Less Traveled

Sep 30, 2016
A new movie based on Lauren Alaina’s new single “Road Less Traveled” is being made in Knoxville, Tennessee and it stars the American Idol alum herself. According to Billboard, Alaina plays the role of Charlotte, a bride-to-be who struggles trying to find a balance between her upcoming wedding with her songwriting career in Los Angeles.... Read more »

Kelsea Ballerini Will Always Have Paris

Sep 30, 2016
When Kelsea Ballerini tweeted the little airplane emoji for her Nashville-to-Paris flight on Tuesday (Sept. 27), I was a little jealous. Then I checked out her Instagram feed, and now I’m a lot jealous. Every picture is as well-crafted as one of her songs. And sharing the vacation with her is her boyfriend Morgan Evans.... Read more »

Luke Bryan: 40 Isn’t As Bad As 30

Sep 30, 2016
When Ellen DeGeneres had Luke Bryan on her show recently, she started out by asking him the one thing I know he doesn’t like to talk about. His 40th. But he immediately told DeGeneres that turning 40 wasn’t all that bad. “Thirty was tough,” Bryan said. “It hit me pretty rough.” But since turning 40... Read more »

Flatt Lonesome Big Winner at the 27th Annual Bluegrass Music Awards Show

Sep 30, 2016
The band Flatt Lonesome dominated the 27th annual International Bluegrass Music Awards Thursday night (Sept. 29), harvesting laurels for album, song and vocal group of the year. Held at the Duke Energy Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, the event also dealt multiple honors to the Earls of Leicester and Becky Buller. The Earls won the... Read more »


Clinton Describes Trump's Latest Twitter 'Meltdown' as 'Unhinged'

Sep 30, 2016
She said the meltdown proves Trump's not fit to be president.

Debate Commission Says There Were 'Issues' With Trump's Audio

Sep 30, 2016
Trump said his mic at the debate "was bad."

Donald Trump Hates 'Sources' Except When They're His

Sep 30, 2016
Trump slammed the media's use of anonymous sources.

Matthew Weakens Slightly to a Category 4 Hurricane

Oct 1, 2016
Hurricane Matthew is gaining strength in the Caribbean, its current track from the National Hurricane Center has it going east of Florida.

Charlotte Police to Release Full Videos of Shooting of Keith Scott

Sep 30, 2016
The full videos will be released after they are reviewed by Scott's family.

RNC Goes After Bill Clinton's Half-Brother in New Memo

Sep 30, 2016
The memo goes after Roger Clinton and Clinton aide Justin Cooper.