Angaleena Presley Is a Coal Miner's Daughter, Too

Oct 23, 2014
Angaleena Presley is the kind of person who will fix a dragging car muffler by tying it in place with a guitar string, then work the episode into a song.

The Mother of All Nashvilles

Oct 23, 2014
I was this close to wanting to nominate Rayna for mother of the year after all her heartfelt talks with her daughters on Wednesday's (Oct. 22) episode of Nashville.

Sara Evans Shares a Lesson

Oct 23, 2014
Sure, Sara Evans' new single "Put My Heart Down" has that infectious hook that gets in your head and makes you move, but it's more than just a catchy melody.

Little Big Town Toast a Slew of Career Milestones

Oct 22, 2014
Little Big Town have lots of reasons to raise a glass this week.

Brantley Gilbert Found Old Love Back Home

Oct 22, 2014
Last year, right around this time, I talked to Brantley Gilbert about his old loves.


Hero of Canada's Shooting Greeted With Standing Ovation

Oct 23, 2014
The hero sergeant-at-arms who killed the shooter in Wednesday's attack on the Canadian Parliament was welcomed back into the building this morning with a prolonged standing ovation.

How Dogs Are Doing After Tussle With White House Fence Jumper

Oct 23, 2014
The Secret Service dogs that tussled with a White House invader, including one who was violently kicked by the suspect, are recovering today, officials said.

Bristol Palin Explains Brawl, Attacks Bidens, Clintons

Oct 23, 2014
Bristol Palin has blogged a defense of herself and her family, as well as explaining what really happened during a brawl on the evening of Sept. 6.

What We Know About the Gunman in Canada Shooting

Oct 23, 2014
The mother of gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau has issued a statement saying that she had not seen her son in five years before the Wednesday shooting.

Hockey Crowd in Pittsburgh Sings Along to 'O Canada' Following Shooting

Oct 23, 2014
Wednesday's NHL game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers featured an unusual, but meaningful tribute ??? the singing of ???O Canada,??? a showing of sympathy and support following the fatal shooting in Ottawa.

Murder Suspect was Accidentally Allowed to Walk Free

Oct 23, 2014
A manhunt is underway after a murder suspect was mistakenly released from a Baltimore detention center, with a corrections employee placed on leave due to the error.